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on this group. it is one of 20 groups we trace back to china origins amongst other groups that we follow. but in the report, we lay out you know, 60 pages of detailed findings. it is very data thick and analysis thick over 3,000 digital indicators to help detect and find the threats. in the report, we build up the case for why we believe that this is traced back to the pla the people's liberation army inside of china in particular inside of their third department second bureau which is a unit we call -- a unit that is called 61398. >> bill: in addition to the "new york times," who else were they targeting? >> they've targeted a lot. we found -- again we've been investigating this for six years. along with other victim -- other attacks. but with this group in particular they've compromised over 141 victims over six years that we had visibility into. what's really interesting is it spanned over 20 different industries. we had victims from public affairs to construction, aerospace education legal engineering, electronics i.t., the list goes on and on. >> bill: big names right? i've seen blo
. like nixon went to china obama's got to go after entitlements. i don't think that's the word i use. i talk medicare, medicaid, social security. >> bill: earned benefits. >> it is earned benefits. investments and insurance. social insurance. but their view is if you do it their way, if you go after -- you go after -- you raise the retirement age for social security or medicare, you cut benefits. you shift costs on to seniors. then the republicans will go along. we had an election and president obama's inaugural speech was about what the country voted for. he won by -- he wanted a state by ohio to win. that's not insignificant. he won an electoral college landslide. the republicans are saying do you it our way then we'll work with you. no. we need to compromise to be sure. the fundamental things, you grow the economy from the middle class outward. that has to be part of his theme. i think it will be tonight. i think he will continue moving that direction. >> senator sherrod brown from ohio. our guest in studio. rare that you get a chance toes the question to a united states senator. her
. they are not the first company to raise concerns about hacking china costs to deny that they have any role what's interesting is how detailed it was. it wasability see where they were working for the china ease military. >> all right. this building, what is motivation of the chinese military or the chinese government to be hacking operations in this country? >> experts say the main motivation is stealing company secrets, stealing intellect july property from american businesses. and to gain an upper hand in the global economy. >> so it's not a military purpose so much as it's economic in there are trade advantages? it? >> yeah. for the most part, experts are saying that this this is cyber espionage. experts are saying chinese military is sponsoring hackers who are stealing company secrets from the u.s. and that it's giving them an upper hand in the business sense. there is other kind of hackers action experts will say the hackers from eastern europe and russia are more interested into hacking into bank accounts and using that for, you know, cyber crime and more of a,
. europe has slowly healed itself or the financial markets in europe. china didn't go into resomething else the way we thought it would. with those concerns cleared out, people could focus on the private sector and say, we are actually recovering. >> bill: all good signs. derek thompson senior editor for the follow derrick on twitter at dkthomp. [ music ] >> this is "the bill press show." current tv, it's been all building up to this. >>bill shares his views, now it's your turn. >>i know you're going to want to weigh in on these issues. >>connect with "full court press with bill press" at >>i believe people are hungry for it. [ music ] >> taking your e-mails on any topic at any time? this is "the bill press show," live on your radio and current tv. >> joe cirincione joins us on the "full-court press" as well as anthony pappas to talk more about the super bowl commercials, speaking of which laurie says there is a difference between what interests a male and a female for commercials. you two guys, you guys like the doritos
it, a very negligible impact on the environment. if you look at the developing countries, china india and others, they are now the largest polluters in the world by far. >> oh, yeah. >> to the extents that's what you are trying to get at the united states is a country. it's not a planet. on the other handy, if we unilaterally impose these things t would have a devastating impact okay economics, depending upon which measure we are talking about >> bill: that is an idiotic statement. what the do you think it will have on miami when on miami when it's under water? of all states, florida should be leading the fight to do something about climate change. >> that's going to be the first state that goes. >> breaks off and drops into the ocean. >> the keys, gone. miami, gone. the whole fishing industry the tourist industry, the whole thing, gone. and then he said, oh man, we can't do anything about climate change. it costs us too much money. costs us too much money not to. joey out in chicago. hey, joey. what do you say? good morning. >> good morning, eve
to have a race to the moon, and, you know, we have china that has just sucked all of the jobs. you know, the idea that we have resourced 500,000 johns, the idea that tim cook was there an apple is going to be making the mac in the united states again. >> he mentioned that. >> yeah. rebuilding america by making it will in america is a very powerful message. it's one the democratic caucus and steny hoyer have been pounding on. i do a making in america exhibit at the county fair every year and have companies from throughout the region show what they can do right here in america. >> bill: the most powerful moment certainly came toward the end of the president's speech. i was in the gallery last year. this year, i washed it from home with carol. and i turned to her and said he hasn't mentioned guns yet. did i forget it? must have skipped a page. but boy, when he did, it was powerful? with the parents of the 15-year-old girl from chicago, so many from newton connecticut, gabby giffords. he said they are are the ideas i mentioned. it's not too long but it's
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6